S L E E P Y  J O  was created and consequently launched by Shelley Lovegrove early in 2019.

As a long time insomniac and organisation maniac, if I could give people the gift of good sleep and inspire everyone to live out their dream, I would. I created the Sleepy Jo Sleep Journal, a tool to help me, and you on our journey to a better quality life and consistently good sleep.

S L E E P Y  J O is the ultimate in luxurious, minimalistic sleep journaling and daily planning. Luxurious sleep is our ethos and we can't wait to work with you and give you some of the tools needed to help you have your best nights and days. With big plans to expand into other areas that promote sweeter dreams and days, let's go on this journey together as a community.



Having read and heard about the many benefits of journaling for better sleep, particularly before bed, Shelley started her journaling journey. After countless nights hand drawing up the pages to write her thoughts in, she decided to research what was out there and find a sleep journal. Nothing existed, so she created one.

S L E E P Y  J O is useful in the evening as a journal and Shelley discovered the next day it became a daily planner too. Armed with a desire to help promote better sleep for other busy parents, business owners, workers , fitness fanatics, socialites, S L E E P Y  J O was created.

With so much attention to detail including fine acid free papers, silver foil detail and a passion to be friendlier to the environment and nature, we hope this sleep journal and daily planner is your solution to bring you sweeter dreams and better sleep.

Sweet dreams and days start here x