SLEEP (kids) tumbled crystals
SLEEP (kids) tumbled crystals
SLEEP (kids) tumbled crystals

SLEEP (kids) tumbled crystals

Sleepy Jo
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How to use:

Help your baby and older children get a good sleep and put these special crystals in their bedrooms in a secure out of reach place.

Recharge your crystals by rinsing under cool water each fortnight and cleansing your crystals under a full moon.


Crystals have been having a real moment in this current wellness movement. SLEEPY JO has sourced a fantastic trio that aids in a good nights sleep for your babies and children. The Good Sleep for kids set consists of Lepidolite, Moonstone and Rose Quarts crystal tumbles which come in a beautiful black velvet bag which you can use to transport with you wherever you go.



  • promotes joy
  • gratitude
  • self love
  • calm and serene


    • prevents nightmares
    • reduces emotional tension
    • promotes sleep
    • regulates sleep patterns

    Rose Quartz

    • feel good
    • help
    • healing energy
    • calm
    • good sleep energy maintained through the night
    • security

    Note: As these are natural crystals, size and clarity will vary.