Self care tumbled crystals
Self care tumbled crystals
Self care tumbled crystals

Self care tumbled crystals

Sleepy Jo
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How to use:

We are absolutely loving our self care crystals. Enhance your regime and add this to your self care routine or just use them to take better care of you. These stones are so special and will sit well with your journal. Use them when journaling, bathing, relaxing, recharging. The ultimate crystals for self care rituals. Recharge your crystals by rinsing under cool water each fortnight and cleansing your crystals under a full moon.


Crystals have been having a real moment in this current wellness movement. SLEEPY JO has sourced this fantastic set for use when participating in self care or to keep close by when needed. The set consists of Lepidolite, Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystal tumbles which come in a beautiful black velvet bag you can use to transport with you wherever you go.



  • promotes joy
  • gratitude
  • self love
  • calm and serene


  • purifying
  • healing (heals dreams)
  • deep sleep
  • calming (mind calm)
  • soothes
  • promotes sleep

Clear Quartz

  • manifest intentions
  • goal set
  • direction 
  • positive energy
  • positive mind
  • new view point

Note: As these are natural crystals, size and clarity will vary.