CALME Organic Essential Oil Blend | 10 mL
CALME Organic Essential Oil Blend | 10 mL

CALME Organic Essential Oil Blend | 10 mL

Sleepy Jo
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Organic essential oil blend

| lavender | bergamot | ylang ylang

| lavandula officinalis | citrus bergamia | cananga odorata


Calm down, slow down, combat stress and have a restful sleep

 Add 5 drops to a diffuser as a personal antidote to ‘busy’.



S L E E P Y  J O ‘s CALME is a soothing citrus and floral essential oil using only the finest cold pressed, 100% organic and natural essential oils.



  • Diffuse
  • Inhale while out
  • Pop in a necklace vial or on a bracelet beads (with carrier oil)
  • Add 5 drops to a diffuser
  • Calming repose
  • Rest
  • Sleep
  • Tranquility
  • Combat stress
  • Antidote to ‘busy’
  • Slow down
  • Calm down



Lavender and bergamot top notes with the addition of ylang ylang middle and bottom notes.

Our essential oils can be found in Italy, France and Australia.

Made in Australia.

No synthetics.

Combining three of the most divine essential oils.



‘It reminds me of the Australian Botanical Gardens’.

‘Sits for a little and gets even better; I can smell the flowers’.

‘Slowly the scent of the citrus/bergamot comes through’.