Transforming your Sleep with Sleep Lover

Happiness is a good nights sleepWe all know sleep is important to our overall health and wellbeing.  As someone who was constantly exhausted, but loves sleep, I realised I needed to transform my sleep habits one night at a time (pun intended!). By transforming my sleep, I now wake up feeling refreshed and with energy for the day ahead.

I knew I needed to prioritise my sleep, but I was self-sabotaging my sleep with late nights, poor diet, and no self-care because I was busy being busy.  After changing my mindset to prioritise sleep, I then made the following changes to my sleep routine. 

Consistent sleep is the best sleep!  Implementing a consistent bedtime of 9.30pm and waking time of 5.30am has seen my body reset it internal clock, and I now wake up before my alarm goes off.  This gives me more energy for the day, and I also get an hour or two to myself before the rest of the family gets up.

To help me fall asleep quicker and to stop those thoughts at night that can keep you awake I started journaling.  I had read all about the benefits of journaling, but I was not sure where to start.  That was when I found the Sleepy Jo journal and developed my love of journaling.  I use the Sleep Jo journal most nights and in addition, most mornings, I also do more of a brain dump or freestyle journaling.  This gets the thoughts out of my head and onto paper.  I rarely keep myself up at night overthinking now.

Drinking more water, eating more hydrating food, and not drinking alcohol are other changes that have transformed my sleep.  Having a few wines on a Friday night would disrupt my sleep for four or five days afterwards.  I was in a cycle of disrupted sleep, finally getting quality sleep and then having alcohol and starting the cycle over. Making sure I am hydrated has seen a significant improvement in my energy levels for the day. 

As a result of sleep deprivation from my beautiful girls when they were younger and with low energy, I picked up some bad eating habits and never had the energy to exercise.   I am now above my optimal weight and full of inflammation.  I currently have bursitis on my hip, and this can cause me to wake during the night because it is so painful.  I also get puffy ankles during the day and some nights the back of my calves’ ache as if the fluid has drained into them and has nowhere to go.  So nutrition and exercise are the next things I need to work on to keep transforming my sleep. 

I am continually working on ways to transform my sleep because when I get a good night’s sleep, I feel great and have so much more energy.  The Sleep Lover pillars of mindset, sleep, exercise and nutrition have seen my sleep transform for the better in the past few years.  But I’m always looking for ways to make my sleep transformation the best it can be. 

Transforming your sleep by Sleep Lover

The author Deanne, became a Sleep Lover after her second child did not sleep through the night until they were 17 months.  It wasn't until sleep issues with her third child that she realised she needed to transform her sleep routines to get the best night’s sleep possible to wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Deanne is a blogger and shares her stories and sleep transformation information with the Sleep Lover Community. You can find her and read more over on her Instagram or on the Blog at

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