In the journal

  • Sleepy Jo’s 5 daily habits for success.. or a midlife crisis

    We are often putting down hard work but why? During the day I like to work hard and come the end of the day when it’s time to switch off my reward is the game changing habits that keep me balanced, aligned and focused on my best life. WIN-WIN!
  • Priorities | ‘Family at home’

    In the Sleepy Jo Journal and Planner is a dedicated space for daily priorities. Written priorities can serve as a reminder that some things are more important than others. On a life scale, I (and many people) have general overarching priorities including...

    ... Today I am focusing on a singular priority which is ‘family at home’...Character is first built at home. Each of us influence our children’s character by the habits we cultivate and the choices we make. A great question to ask yourself is, What habits will I cultivate?