Sleepy Jo’s 5 daily habits for success.. or a midlife crisis

Sleepy Jo’s 5 daily habits for success.. or a midlife crisis.

Follow these simple daily habits to help you get on track and live a little more of your best life. 

  1. Read 30 minutes before bed every day.
  2. Journal each evening - use the Sleepy Jo sleep journal x daily planner to detox and de-clutter your mind, at the same time you are working on your plan for the next day, win-win!
  3. Health is a priority - meal plan for you and your family, keep it simple and stay on track (find our meal planner here).
  4. Align your goals to your values and keep these with you. Having your values and goals close by can help with decision making and true alignment to your wants. Live your best life EVERYday, not just one day!
  5. Gratitude everyday - this is a mindset game changer.

We are often putting down hard work but why? During the day I like to work hard. At the end of the day when it’s time to switch off, my reward is these game changing habits that keep me balanced, aligned and focused on my best life. WIN-WIN!

Want more? Find out your values, set goals, make an evening plan and learn how to express gratitude, join me for a 1:1 development session. It’s all about working together so you can enjoy your life and what you can do with it. 

Contact me, Shelley Lovegrove (founder and creator of Sleepy Jo, blogger, Personal Development Strategist and Coach). I’m here to help you define your PD strategy and be your biggest ambassador. Enjoy your best life and let me cheer you on.


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