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Rituals, 5 practises for a paradigm shift

Many of us perform rituals throughout the day without even recognising they are rituals. Traditionally they are rites performed in religious or other symbolic services. Today we quite commonly refer to even the smallest of regular practises or routines as a ritual. Through the power of positive and repetitive rituals, we may be able to:

  • reduce anxiety
  • increase confidence.
  • provide a focal point from distractions
  • increase feelings of comfort and familiarity
  • live in the moment

We have created a list of daily rituals that might inspire a paradigm shift allowing you to squeeze more joy into your day. Read on.


1. Eliminate Perfectionism

Eliminating the 'perfection' expectation surrounding your day and the people you encounter can be a fabulous tool, Ryan Holiday, bestselling author says 'The Stoics believe you start the day with a meditation of what's to come and then you should end the day reflecting on what has transpired and what can be improved.' The key here is to start your day with a dose of reality! For example 'Today my kids might fight me on doing homework, my partner may have had a cranky day, my boss will not realise how hard I am working.'

By starting here what transpires could be a more positive day that you may not have recognised if you're continually being surprised with things that don't go to plan. When things are consistently the same or similar, it could be time to state the obvious. And at the end of the day sit down and reflect on what really happened and note down what could be improved.


2. Focus on what you can change

Increase productivity and instead of dedicating time to worrying about the things we have no control over, focus instead and work on the things we do have control over. Know the serenity prayer? American theologian Reinhold Nieburh wrote 'God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.'

Simply: Can I do anything about this? And if the answer is no, incorporate some tools to help you eliminate worry. eg. journaling and meditation.


3. Record the precious moments in your day

Mentally subtracting precious moments from your life can make you more grateful and appreciative. However, we believe in the power of gratitude and that you should record the precious moments in your journal at the end of every day.


4. Remove should and shouldn't from your vocabulary 

Accept the reality that is in front of you. For example, I should have more time to spend on my work today (when you don't actually have more time), remove the word should and instead 'today I can work from 8-11am and then I am going to my appointment'. Feel the shift?


5. Find a mentor

Talk to someone you REALLY admire, a person that is doing something you want to do, or a person living in a way that you want to live your life. Mentor's can also be found on social media. Remember it isn't all reality, but you can incorporate more of the good into your life by being mindful of the wisdom that your mentor has to offer. When challenged check in with yourself and ask: What would _____ (insert your mentor) do?


Ultimately, using rituals to find happiness in the small things and to slow down could be just the ticket to living more joyfully and in the moment. Happy practising.


Shelley Lovegrove is a Mum of 2, blogger, founder of Sleepy Jo and the Creator of the 1st Sleep Journal x Daily Planner. You can read more here.

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