Seven Beautiful Reasons We Can Not Help But Fall In Love With Bedtime Routine

 Beautiful reasons we love bedtime routine and the moon

Incorporating a bedtime routine into your evening is self-care for the soul. An evening routine can work wonders to assist you to relax after a busy day. We over here at Sleepy Jo have fallen in love with our beautiful bedtime routine and here is why:

1. Good sleep hygiene is a form of self-care that fosters a calm environment that is valuable whether you suffer with sleep problems or not. By the time you are ready for bed, the kids might have been asleep a little while and you have hopefully had time to switch off and relax.

2. The evening quiet is a great time to practise self-care. Various methods of self-care can help induce sleepiness and provide some relaxing methods for better quality sleep.

3. Taking a warm bath or shower is a great way to wind down and relax. Use Gwyneth Paltrow's tip and add Epsom Salts for a truly natural relaxation method.

4. If you already have Sleepy Jo's Journal you will already know of the joy you get from consistently downloading your thoughts, planning your day and expressing gratitude. The journal can be a friendly reminder to carve out some 'you' time and assist you in having a good sleep.

5. In the evening we encourage our community of sleepers to engage in the activities you love. Reading a book, a newspaper or even a magazine half an hour before you go to sleep is a productivity and growth hack for some, and, for others it's a simple way to fall asleep.

6. The smell of lavender through the home. ‘We diffuse lavender each evening. The kids and I just love the smell of lavender. Around 5pm each day we put it on and keep it going until we fall asleep. It is a little ritual that is really special to all of us and sometimes the kids will remind me to put it on’ Shelley, Founder SJ.

7. We love sticking to a routine each evening. Going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time each day helps our body clock adjust to a consistent routine where we look forward to recharging and waking happily ready for the day ahead.

Relaxing self-care rituals and a great sleep are some of the beautiful reasons we can't help falling in love with our bedtime routine. What are yours? Join us @sleepyjo_ 

Sweet dreams start here. 

Shelley x

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