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ITJ (In the journal) blog #9.

In the Sleepy Jo Journal and Planner there is a dedicated space for daily priorities. Written priorities can serve as a reminder that some things are more important than others. On a life scale, I (and many people) generally have some overarching priorities including:

  • to own my own home (this does not mean to own a house, to me a home is somewhere my family can be safe and loved)

  • raise my family (love, education, activities, discipline and fun)

  • work at and get paid for a job/business/career that I love

Fundamentally these are the things that motivate me. Today I am focusing on a singular priority which is ‘family at home’. To own my own home, means to me to create a safe haven where my family can feel, be safe and be loved. Character is first built at home. Each of us influence our children’s character by the habits we cultivate and the choices we make.

A great question to ask yourself is, What habits will I cultivate? Some ideas to think about:

  • Speak kindly (my home is my safe haven)

  • Think before you speak and act

  • Enjoy each other’s company

  • Spend fun time together

  • Get outdoors and into nature everyday if you can
  • Cook together, eat nutritious meals

  • Implement exercise as a family

  • Create traditions including family holidays away

  • Put effort and love into those you love

When making choices, remember you are making a choice that your children may emulate, so think, is this the choice you would like your child to one day make? The fastest way to get on the same page at home is to come up with a set of disciplines. Some disciplines that could work for you and your family:

  • Teach children right from wrong by modelling calm words and actions

  • Model behaviours you would like to see in your children

  • Clear and CONSISTENT rules (e.g. Have a routine for food and bedtime so there are no surprises)

  • Consequences; calmly and firmly explain (e.g. if you don’t pick up your toys, I will take them away for the rest of the day). Make it achievable and pick your battles.

  • LISTEN to your child, hear them out. Let them finish the story before you help solve the problem

  • Talk it out with your child (e.g. if they are feeling jealous, identify and discuss this)

As a parent and spouse, I certainly don’t have all (if any) of the answers but I have a willingness to grow and learn in the hope we as a family unit can achieve our freedoms. At the end of each day we can be willing to forgive ourselves and our families for our mistakes and shortcomings, creating a safe place where each of us is appreciated and loved just because.

A great activity is to write down your overarching priorities, these are usually simple. Then pick an area, such as your ‘family at home’ and make it a priority to list the disciplines and the habits that you can incorporate into your family home. You can do this activity together or even write something and share it over a family meal.

Another option is to write in or use our Sleepy Jo Journal and Planner that is full of useful sections for this task, including to do, priorities, goals and even notes for each day. And it isn’t dated so don’t worry if you can’t get back to it straight away. Good things can take time. I hope you enjoyed our blog, if you have any friends who might find this useful please tag them in our latest post @sleepyjo_ or if you read this blog please take a screenshot and tag us on Instagram.

Thanks for reading.

 S. x

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