Goal. Set. Match. | Simple rules of Goal Setting

When it comes to goal setting there are so many different ways and methods. When we write our goals list we do not like to complicate things, so we have some simple and golden rules that are applied here at Sleepy Jo. Read on to find out.


Before goal setting it is a good idea to sit and take some time to visualise your dream life and think about your values. Block out anything else around you and think 'What are the things that align to my purpose?' Visualising and then planning is a simple method you can use to create your goals.


When you have finished visualising you can write down your goals list. Reminder: keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate things. Oftentimes we add so much detail that it becomes too hard to get started. Instead, these details can be included when writing your annual, monthly or weekly plans or even daily to-do and priority lists.


Use our journal to:

  • write your daily to do list

  • choose priorities that align to the goals you have visualised and set

  • check in on your goals using our goals section

When seeking out goals try to remember, the joy is also in the journey. Find a community or support network who can help keep you accountable. Whether that be friends, family or the Sleepy Jo community, an accountability partner is always a good idea.


Create joy in your life with those around you by stopping and celebrating your wins.

Happiest Goal Setting!

SJ x

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