Face Roller - Jade or Rose Quartz?



  • Reduce appearance of puffiness and dark under eye circles
  • Improves skin elasticity and skin tone
  • Relax
  • Look well and feel younger
  • Massage away tension
  • Relieve stress for a better sleep

Our pink Rose Quartz and Jade facial rollers are loaded with benefits, use one of these precious gemstone rollers after your cleanser, morning and night. Look and feel more relaxed and rested, include your facial massage roller in your simple evening routine for better sleep.

Here is an example of a SLEEPY JO self care routine that you can include in the #sjhour each evening:

  1. Dab a few drops of essential oil – like lavender – into a tissue.
  2. Dim the lights, keep the room on the cooler side (even in winter).
  3. Play something soothing, nature sounds, sound of the ocean.
  4. Cup of caffeine free tea.
  5. Cleanse your face and apply serums ready for your facial roller massage.


Using your facial roller:

  1. Inhale the tissue with your essential oil of choice, take three deep breathes, hold for 4 seconds and exhale with a big whoosh sound.
  2. With light pressure slide the larger side of your roller up above your eyebrows, to the middle of the forehead, towards the hairline. Repeat over forehead several times (forehead massage helps release stress).
  3. Avoiding the eye area use your roller and massage from your nose and cheeks out and up towards the hairline and the temples (releasing sinus pressure and aiding in good sleep).
  4. Slowly slide your roller over your jaw always pushing out and up. You can then do the same with under your jaw, your chin and décolletage. Gently pushing the roller up towards your face.
  5. With the smaller side of the roller, very gently roll outwards under and over your eyes, gently directing towards the temples.
  6. Do the same in the creases of your nose, aim the roller into the crevices and up towards the bridge of your nose.
  7. Inhale the scent of your essential oil infused tissue and exhale.

When choosing your facial roller, go with the one which you are most attracted to, either by sight or feeling your body will draw you to the one that is meant for you. Purchase our Jade Face Roller here or our Rose Quartz face roller here.

We also stock Lavender essential oil, click here and the Lavender Essential Oil Roll on, here.

Have a wonderful sleep. SJ x

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