An evening guide to good sleep

Incorporating self care into your evening routine can work wonders to assist you to relax after a busy daily routine. Self care can foster a calm environment and can be very valuable if you suffer with sleep problems.

Self care can help induce sleepiness and provide some methods for better quality sleep. If you have SLEEPY JO's Sleep Journal you will already know about the list of self care strategies on the opening page. This is your friendly reminder to carve out some 'you' time and pick something to assist you in having a good sleep.

Each evening we encourage our community of sleepers to engage in some self loving activities for an hour, this could include:

- reading a book, a newspaper or even a magazine, half an hour before you go to sleep

- eating a healthy dinner filled with sleep regulating foods (these could include greens, eggs, nuts, oily fish)

- taking a warm bath or hot shower

- journaling

- stick to a routine each evening (go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time)

-diffuse Lavender an hour before bed

Self care is a great tool to promote good sleep. Join us every evening for the Sleepy Jo hour where together we will prioritise good rituals for good sleep. Don't forget to tag us into your posts and show us what you are doing to unwind. #sleepyjo

Sweet dreams start here. SJ x

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