Essential Oils: Sleepy Jo top 5.. plus bonus

Essential Oils
If you haven't already heard we (and the rest of the world) are obsessed with essential oils. Here at Sleepy Jo we are constantly being asked what essential oils we use and recommend.  From anxiety, stress relieving and sleep inducing, essential oils are having a moment.. and for good reason. We sat down to finally let you in on our top essential oils and the cutest lil' diffuser we use to diffuse them. 


1. Easy Air - without a doubt this would have to be our most used essential oil in our home. Helping us breathe easier, this blend was designed to support overall respiratory health. Diffuse this go-to oil in your home for coughs, colds and seasonal allergies. 

2. Lavender - the calming, sleep inducing super oil is a very close second (in fact it's being diffused every evening. The floral aroma that is lavender is used in many aromatherapy solutions for sleep and other ailments. You can even dilute it with water and make a pillow spray. Great to put on for you and the kids when it is time to start the evening routine. Sweet dreams ahead.

3. Calme - Sleepy Jo has made our own organic super blend with a subtle floral citrusy scent. We love it for helping to combat our top 3 issues: sleep, stress and anxiety. Infused with Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. Diffuse day and night. This subtle scent keeps working to calm and promote relaxation.

4. On Guard - a special dōTERRA blend for supporting healthy immune function. Rub on the bottom of your feet or diffuse to protect against environmental threats and purify the air. This aroma is gorgeous and we run this through the diffuser when anyone in our household is sick.

5. Lemon - flavour your water or infuse your household cleaner with this lovely lemon scent. A powerful antibacterial and freshening agent. Lemon oil has been shown to have mood boosting effects. We add this to our cleaning kits and spray bottles.


6. DigestZen - We have added in this little bonus for anyone that requires some aid when it comes to stomach issues. Another fabulous blend by dōTERRA. Aiding in the digestion of foods and soothing tummy upsets; rub a drop on your stomach or add a drop to a glass of water.

And you can't have all these essential oils without a diffuser. And our diffuser is the Petal Diffuser with light. Small, long lasting and functional, it can diffuse for up to 4 hours continuously. 

Our suggestions above refer to the dōTERRA Essential Oil range. dōTERRA essential oils (now all available for purchase via Sleepy Jo online) are known for their powerful results, they don't contain any fillers or other elements that alter the purity of the oil.

dōTERRA uses a process known as co-impact sourcing with farmers around the world to install hope and uplift their communities. Helping local artisans obtain sustainable jobs, provide for their families and their futures.

All products listed above can be found in our online shop. For additional oils please contact us at And don’t forget to let us know your favourite oils or the ones you are wanting to try. 

Sj x


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  • I love eucalyptus

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