A sleep journal

S L E E P Y  J O was designed to help busy, tired, anxious people with their sleep problems. Writing in your S L E E P Y  J O before you go to sleep can, help to relieve a busy mind and the anxieties that come with it, set you up for a better start the next day and help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

This luxury designed sleep journal combination daily planner includes:

  • Black leather look A5 journal (vegan leather)
  • Hardcover
  • Acid free papers
  • Silver embossed
  • Volume embossed number on the spine
  • Custom designed pages
  • double page evening spread to record to do's, priorities, goals, gratitude, sleep notes and more
  • black ribbon bookmark
  • black elastic closure

How to use your S L E E P Y  J O:

  1. Use the Sleepy Jo recommendation page for relaxation and sleep ideas
  2. Record a list of your favourite books
  3. Record things you have achieved this year

Before bed and just 5 minutes a day, utilise the double page spread to:

  1. Write tomorrow's to-do list (saving much precious headspace for sleep)
  2. Record top 3 priorities (saving precious time on what really matters or what needs to be done)
  3. Goals space, can be used for daily or annual goals and reflections
  4. Gratitude (Gratitude journaling has become so beneficial and so popular), use this space to get down the things that matter and to appreciate them
  5. Sleep section, make notes on the previous night's sleep, what is working, what isn't, how was it, dreams?
  6. Space for notes and doodles, always have time for anything else

Each section can be used daily or just fill the ones that are on your mind. Designed to hold almost 6 months worth of entries the Sleepy Jo is your companion, best friend or just a luxury addition to your bedside table.

We hope you get as much use and happiness from yours as we do.

Sweet dreams start here. x

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