5 minutes with Sleepy Jo Founder, Shelley Lovegrove

A bit about yourself & what you do..

I am a journal loving, entrepreneur, Aussie, mama, beach obsessed, part-time environmental crusader and foodie who spends her spare time rearranging and organising her home interior.

Creator and founder of the Sleepy Jo journal and daily planner. I have been repairing my relationship with sleep and now helping busy people all over the world to have sweeter dreams and better days. I am on a mission to help others by creating good sleep habits via an evening journal that doubles as a daily organiser.

Sleep routines.

I have learnt that what we do before we go to bed directly impacts the quality of sleep we have. Sleep is essential for our overall health so in my routine I try to adhere to the following:

- warm shower (or bath), roll in serum with a facial roller

- diffuse lavender for the whole family

- 1 hour before bed no phones, tablets (except for reading)

- create space to relax and have a cup of tea (decaf, relaxation or sleep)

- complete my journaling, in particular I focus on my to do list and daily gratitude, I also use the notes section for anything on my mind

- 1/2 hour before sleep read a book

- prepare for sleep, lavender roll on and deep breathing

Bedroom style.

I love my bedroom and as an introvert having my own space is so important to me. My bedroom is simple, neutral, full of earth tones including white, cream, beige, sand and sometimes I throw in some blue tones to remind me of the ocean when I can't be near it.

My favourite linen is Organic French Linen, but this can be expensive so I alternate between that and cotton.

Interior style.

If I can be, it is minimalist. I repurpose a lot of old furniture so as not to be wasteful, however, my ultimate styling choice would be minimalist. I could live in multi-purpose simplicity forever.

I do love to collect unique pieces from my adventures around the world. I have some really special pieces, one of my favourites would be these hand blown glass coasters from Santorini.

Children. My 6 year old daughter and son who is almost 1.


food? Seafood and vegetarian. 

exercise? Running.

holiday? Going back to my childhood home in Noosa or any coastal/beachside location really.

way to fall asleep? The sound of the ocean.

Accomplishment. My children, what a privilege it is to raise them.

Goals for the future. 

Learning to live in the moment, happy, healthy and successful. X


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