In the journal

  • SJ Essentials | RITUALS

    Through the power of positive and repetitive rituals, we may be able to reduce anxiety, increase confidence, provide a focal point from distractions, increase feelings of comfort and familiarity and live in the moment. Read on to know more.
  • Sleepy Jo’s 5 daily habits for success.. or a midlife crisis

    We are often putting down hard work but why? During the day I like to work hard and come the end of the day when it’s time to switch off my reward is the game changing habits that keep me balanced, aligned and focused on my best life. WIN-WIN!
  • Goal. Set. Match. | Simple rules of Goal Setting

    When it comes to goal setting there are so many different ways and methods. When we write our goals list we don't like to complicate things, so we have some simple and golden rules that are applied here at Sleepy Jo. Read on to find out.
  • 3 of the Best Self Care Tips to Cultivate Some Daily Goodness

    This week we dive into our list of goodies, extracting a few self care tips and explaining how they can benefit not only your day but your sleep. In addition to journaling, here are some fabulous ways that you can incorporate a little more goodness into your day.
  • Priorities | ‘Family at home’

    In the Sleepy Jo Journal and Planner is a dedicated space for daily priorities. Written priorities can serve as a reminder that some things are more important than others. On a life scale, I (and many people) have general overarching priorities including...

    ... Today I am focusing on a singular priority which is ‘family at home’...Character is first built at home. Each of us influence our children’s character by the habits we cultivate and the choices we make. A great question to ask yourself is, What habits will I cultivate?

  • Sleepy Jo's Goodness Bowl (a side step from the humble Buddha Bowl).

    Buddha, grain, macro, goodness, green bowls.. where do we start. If you are looking for a go-to, easy, one-stop bowl (or container) for your lunch we know just the nourishing recipe and it's flexible. Back to school, off to work, at home, guests coming over, the kids are hungry? This is our daily bowl of goodness that...
  • Essential Oils: Sleepy Jo top 5.. plus bonus

    If you haven't already heard we (and the rest of the world) are obsessed with essential oils. Here at Sleepy Jo we are constantly being asked what essential oils we use and recommend.  From anxiety, stress relieving and sleep inducing, essential oils are having a moment.. and for good reason. We sat down to finally let you in on our top essential oils and the cutest lil' diffuser we use to diffuse them.
  • New Year, new detox!

    Looking to do a detox or cleanse? After eating and drinking my way through a busy holiday season and since stopping..

    .. I have come across two but I am torn.. do I follow a transformational juice cleanse or go on the path of a possibly more sustaining food cleanse but with prep work. Either way, I think 5 days is plenty and I am wondering how I will achieve this..

  • 5 minutes with Sleepy Jo Founder, Shelley Lovegrove

    ..journal loving, entrepreneur, Aussie, mama, beach obsessed, part-time environmental crusader and foodie who spends her spare time rearranging and organising her home interior.

    Creator and founder of the Sleepy Jo journal and daily planner. I have been repairing my relationship with sleep and now helping busy people all over the world to have sweeter dreams and better days. I am on a mission to help others by creating good sleep habits via an evening journal that doubles as a daily organiser.

  • Face Roller - Jade or Rose Quartz?

    Our pink Rose Quartz and Jade facial rollers are loaded with benefits, use one of these precious gemstone rollers after your cleanser, morning and night. Look and feel more relaxed and rested, include your facial massage roller in your simple evening routine for better sleep..
  • An evening guide to good sleep

    Self care can help induce sleepiness and provide some methods for better quality sleep. This is your friendly reminder to carve out some 'you' time and pick something to assist you in having a good sleep.

    Each evening we encourage our community of sleepers to engage in some self loving activities for an hour, this could include..